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completely unprofessional maker-shenanigans

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I originally created this wiki as a place for me to document my personal projects and other activities. I've moved it to this public page for the sake of information sharing. The technical details I have found, lessons I have learned, and mistakes I have made (mostly mistakes) might be helpful if you are thinking of attempting similar projects.

This wiki is closed to public editing and is maintained by one very busy person.


Personal projects, tutorials, and other stuff.

  1. Projects: History and documentation of my personal projects.
  2. Tutorials: Technical procedures, tips, tricks, and other useful documents.
  3. Old Blog: An old blog of random stuff.
  4. Notes: A collection of rough technical notes.
  5. Tools: Some potentially useful software and other things.
  6. External Links: Other sites that I think are useful or interesting.
  7. About Me: Is there a reason to know this stuff?

Also see my 3D models on Thingiverse